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Meet the Team


Md Sohel rana

Chief Consultant, Criminal and Family Matter


Shantanu Dhar Suvro

Chief Consultant, Company Matter


Didar Bhuiyan

Consultant, Civil Matter


Md. Waliul Islam Sojib

Consultant, Civil Matter


John Roy

Consultant, VAT/TAX


Lutfar Rahman

Consultant, Court marriage/ Divorce

Why to Choose Us

SNS Lawyers is not just a name in legal aid, it is now a brand. We deal with the customer’s problem such as Bangladeshi sex offenders lawyer, divorce lawyer, land lawyer in Dhaka Bangladesh. 

with the utmost importance by analyzing the judgment and realizing it by applying the correct law. We have “Law Labs” where we thoroughly analyze and review the decisions of the High Court with the aim of finding the right solution to the problem of the customer like sex offenders, divorce, land or any criminal. Complex and difficult cases are handled properly by wise senior lawyers and barristers. We firmly believe that there is a legally correct solution to every problem that we are determined to give. Achieving customer satisfaction is our only goal.

After all, people never want to go to two professionals, the first being a doctor and the second being a lawyer. But just as you can get sick and seek medical help at any time, unintentional accidents can happen at any time in your life due to your reluctance or ignorance. Remember, every human being as a good citizen must know the law. To date, no criminal has been released, citing ignorance of the law as an excuse. Since there is no place for accidents, let’s follow the law to get rid of unexpected harassment and false charges.

Our Service areas

Criminal and family Matters

Advocate Sohel Rana, Our chief consultant, a renowned young criminal lawyer holds 12 years of experiences in practicing Family and criminal matters. Over these years he has solved over 500 cases alone successfully. Our honorable founder handles issues such as physical assault, rape, theft, extortion, homicide, dowry harassment, caste atrocities, financial fraud, child custody etc

Civil Matters:

Filing of civil (land related) cases, possession, rescue, declaration of rights, prohibition and other civil related cases will be conducted by Advocate Didar Bhuiyan or Advocate Md Waliul islam Sojib. Both of them have experience over a decade in conducting civil matters.

Company Matters:

Our co-Founder and Legal advisor of Dhaka Regency, Shantanu dhar suvro will take care of anything related to business from company formation to extinction, RJSC registration, and Export import License etc.

Vat Tax and Others:

Considering our client’s need first, our consultant Mr. John Roy create and manages TIN, BIN, Tax filing, Return submit and other services related to Taxation. Besides all of these, we have made over several thousand successful court marriages and divorces by Md Lutfar Rahman.

Finally we can assure that, you are going to get one stop solution to your legal rights by SNS Lawyers

Client Testimonials

The main purpose behind each service is to increase the scope of the service and at the same time to achieve customer satisfaction. These two terms complement each other. You cannot achieve customer satisfaction if you do not provide good service, and your business or service will not grow if the customer is not satisfied.


I had a serious issues with my husband. We had quarrel every night. One day it was so serious that he just put me on a burning fire to burn 30% of my body including my dresses. I was so blessed to recover and be alive. Later on with the help of SNSLawyers, I was able to send the culprit on Jail.


I wanted to open a limited company but I didn't understand how to do paperwork or news. Later I contacted SNSLawyers and got Just One Stop Solution.


I had an affair marriage but after a few days of marriage I realized that he had relationship with more girls. He treated me very badly at home and often tortured me. I thought about it all and saw that it would not be right to take the relationship too far. After watching the video on YouTube, I got in touch with Sohel Bhai and got rid of it very easily.


I am a Businessman and for the sake of business I delivered some products worth BDT 50 lakh for which he gave me a check. But due to the cruel irony of fate, I could not cash that check anymore. After about 2 years, I went to Sohail Bhai's chamber and told him everything and worked with him on contract basis. I was able to recover the entire money within just 6 months.


I am from Calcutta. I was planning to set up a business related to export import in Dhaka. I was looking for help about setting up business but was not able to find someone whom I could trust unless I found SNSLawyers on the web. I had just one hour consultation with Suvro vai and it was enough to do what I wanted. Thank you so much SNSLawyers.


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