Who to keep the child after divorce?

Divorce has recently become a worrying social trend. When a married couple is unable to live together, a breakdown occurs. To make men and women happy, there is separation to get away of unhappy married life.
However, after a divorce, the children suffer the most, since a clear conflict develops between father and mother. This pub may be horrifying at times.
Many of us don’t know who will have the child when the parents’ divorce.

Here is the details for my readers:

In Muslim law, the father is the legal guardian while the mother is the child’s caretaker. If the child’s mother is divorced or separated from the father, she can still monitor her child. A mother can keep a son up to the age of seven, and a girl up to puberty.
Court: If the mother wants to keep the child past the age of childhood, she can. For this reason, the court’s consent may be required.

Second marriage: Mother may lose custody rights if she marries again.
If there is a disagreement with the child after the court’s divorce, the youngster will be brought to the family court. The family court will decide who has children. But, like the legislation, the court can consider the child’s welfare. The court may require the parents or mother to ensure the child’s normal growth. If the youngster is able to understand, the court will consider their views.

Many dads believe that if the child stays with the mother after the divorce, the child should not be supported. That’s wrong.
If the parents’ divorce or live apart, the father must support the children. If the mother does not want to divorce, she can file an action in family court to get her child’s support.