Ways to get a divorce in Bangladesh

In comparison to other nations, the divorce procedure in Bangladesh is quite simple and inexpensive. In Bangladesh, the majority of the population is Muslim, and divorce is regarded as one of the most despised legal acts. However, for the sake of a better life, divorce is sometimes unavoidable for husband and wife. This page will provide comprehensive information on the simplest divorce procedure, as well as the time, cost, and paperwork required to accomplish the divorce.

Divorce Types:

There are two sorts of easiest divorce procedures in Bangladesh:

a) Notice Divorce:

One-sided divorce is another name for divorce by notice. The consent of the divorce notice receiver is not required to give a Divorce or Talaq by notice. Any of the parties may not have consented to the divorce in this scenario.

b) Divorce by Mutual Consent:

Both parties must consent to the divorce in a mutual divorce. Due to the fact that both parties are aware of the divorce, no notice is required.

Procedures for Divorce Divorce by Notice or Divorce on One Side

To complete a one-sided divorce, the following stages must be completed:

a) The divorce giver, i.e. the husband or wife, must serve a divorce notice on the opposing party, i.e. the husband or wife, as well as the related city corporation or chairman.

b) The person who is divorcing must sign and place his or her thumb impression on the marriage registrar’s notes and book.

c) Two male witnesses will sign the marriage registrar’s notices.

d) The notices shall be mailed by registered mail.

e) Following receipt of the notice, the concerned city corporation’s office will send the husband and wife 3 (Three) notices in 3 (Three) months.

f) To address the conflict between husband and wife, the city corporation will organize an arbitration committee.

g) If no party shows or if the matter cannot be resolved, the municipal corporation will issue an order sheet.

h) A divorce certificate will be issued by the marriage registry after that.

Penalty for failing to complete the divorce procedure:

A person who violates the aforesaid divorce procedure may face simple imprisonment for a duration of up to one year, a fine of up to ten thousand taka, or both.

Time for the divorce to be finalized:

The one-sided divorce, also known as a divorce by notice, can be finalized in 90 days from the date the City Corporation or chairman receives the notice.

Procedures for Divorce Procedure for Mutual Divorce

In order to accomplish a mutual divorce, both the husband and wife must agree to the divorce. In the marriage registrar’s book, the husband and wife, as well as two (two) witnesses, sign. Before deciding on a divorce, the spouses usually sign a contract outlining their agreed-upon terms and conditions. The dower money, as well as the upkeep of the wife and kid, are typically decided by the parties (If any). Notice is not necessary because the parties are aware of each other’s decision and there is less chance of a resolution.

Time for Mutual Divorce to be completed: A consensual divorce can be finalized if both parties sign the marriage registrar’s book.

If the woman is pregnant at the time of the divorce or Talaq, the divorce procedure will be delayed. Divorce will not be finalized until 90 days have passed since the date of the notice or the pregnancy has ended, whichever comes first. Documents for Divorce Procedure: To complete a divorce procedure, the following documents are required:

a) Kabinnama photocopy

b) A copy of the husband’s and wife’s NID (National Identification Number).

c) Photocopies of two male witnesses’ NIDs (National Identification Numbers).

d) If an affidavit is prepared by a lawyer, 1(one) photo

A Nikah or Marriage Registrar shall collect a fee of BDT 200 (Two Hundred) for the registration of divorce, according to the Marriages and Divorces (Reg) Rules, 1975. The marriage registrar may also charge a commission fee of BDT. 25 and a mileage fee of BDT. 1 (0NE) taka per mile. However, in actuality, the cost of a marriage registration is many times higher than the actual cost.

Divorce rates are on the rise in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh. As a result, people should be aware of the simplest divorce method in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in order to avoid future legal issues.